Artists and the team

Adam Tupper

Adam Tupper hates being bored. This owner, organizer and artist behind Wonder Geeks Activate! has been showcasing and selling art in Ottawa and beyond for over 6 years. He’s also the co-creator of the Rogers 22 Ottawa’s geeky tv show “Error 404: Show Not Found” and is preparing for a gallery showing of his work in Vancouver later this year.

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Amber Warren

Designer / Art Director / Part-time doodler / DIY Addict / Expert in all things pretty

Benjamin Woodyard

Benjamin Woodyard is an Ottawa-born artist and product designer who works in a variety of media. He received his BFA from NSCAD University in 2014 and previously attended Ottawa’s Canterbury Arts High School for visual art. He works predominantly in ceramics, but also writes and draws, having self-published his first book, ‘GRIEF’ in 2014. Woodyard is currently working on a variety of projects including new lines of pottery, ceramic sculptures, a video series for kids, and shirts with his drawings printed on them.


Brenda Dunn

Art in Jest is the fabulous brain of Brenda Dunn, who has been getting in trouble for crayoning on the walls for as long as she can remember. She eventually went to art school at the University of Guelph and drew on whatever the hell she wanted. She works and plays in Ottawa where she came for grad school and just stuck around ever since. She learned a lot of busy words during her Masters in English Lit, but it turns out she actually prefers the visual to the verbal when it comes to communication.  She also doesn’t totally get why these things are always written in the third person but concedes that it does just sort of feel right.


Cassie Slack


Cindi Foreman

Twitter: @cindiforeman
Instagram: @cindiforeman
  Moynahan Studio Blog
  My Ottawa Urban Sketchers Blog:

Cindi Moynahan-Foreman has been drawing, painting and creating since she was a young girl. Cindi loves exploring new art techniques and learning about, meeting and collaborating with other artists.  Cindi never goes anywhere without her sketchbook and she is an avid urban sketcher and co-founded the Ottawa Urban Sketchers regional chapter. She is inspired by her family, nature and poetry and wants to make art that makes people smile.


Colin White

Colin has been making art in Ottawa since 2006. He completed his BFA in 2002 and MA in 2004. He has held 3 solo exhibits in Ottawa, and participated in numerous group shows. In 2015 he organized and put on a group show entitled ‘Forgotten Spaces’ which was held in an alleyway. In 2016 he helped establish the Ottawa Urban Sketchers chapter. Colin is available for commissions.


Dan Asencio

Dan Asencio was born and raised in NYC, and left the city in 2015 to take up residence in Ottawa. Dan’s illustrative style is heavily influenced by his urban roots, but he also has a deep appreciation for and understanding of the natural world. He effortlessly blends these seemingly opposing elements to create unique works of art that have appeared on album covers, in galleries in Brooklyn, and in museum public programming events.


Darren Bird

Illustrator, Animator, Graphic Designer, Concept artist, and font of inspiraton.


Elena Chiara


Emilie Darlington

Instagram: @artworkbyemilie

My art is an escape from everyday stresses and upsets, meant to be enjoyed for the colour, the detail, and the exploration and inspection that occurs upon stepping closer. Simultaneously, this escape transfers the feeling of calmness and peace I experience during the creation to the viewer.  My illustrative pieces have the central themes of animals, pattern, and bright colours. These three components are things that make both myself and others feel happy.

My intention as well as attention to details transfer well to the colouring book format.  I think colouring books are great for everyone because they allow each person to enter a meditative state once their focus switches to the page.  It has been scientifically proven that colouring is great for stress reduction. Taking a few minutes out of your day to focus on something other than personal stresses can do wonders for your well-being. 


Emma Cochrane

Emma is a designer and creative strategist with a background in architecture and fine arts. Her combined interest in doodling and exploring cities has led to whimsical drawings of back alleys and maps of local neighbourhoods. “I love trying to tell the story of a space through my sketches. I hope that by colouring my drawings, other people will get to experience that same narrative.”


Jason Cobill

Better known for his visual effects work on Hollywood blockbusters, artist and co-founder of the Ottawa In Colour project Jason Cobill has spent over a year finely tuning his colouring page process. “I used to draw fun pictures for my younger brother and sister to colour – but drawing the kind of intricate details adults love to chillax to really takes a lot of finesse and patience.”


Joel Grunerud

Email :

Joel G is a scientist, gardener, musician, and artist, and is usually in over his head at all of these vocations.  His art can be seen on safety posters, album covers, portrait restorations, t-shirts, icons, tattoos, Ex Libris stickers, Postscripts to Darkness vol. 4, 5, and 6, Lackington’s #4, and a weird colouring book called Postcards from the Spacefarm.  He lives in Chinatown, Ottawa with his partner Renée, their cats Dee Dee, Amadeus, Gaspard, and Lune, and a cabinet full of cat medications.

Jordan Richer



Katie Sheedy

Katie Sheedy is an illustrator, graphic designer, lawyer, and roller derby player living in Centretown with her gentleman friend Owen and her trusty sidekick Harvey Birdman.

Lisa McGowan

I’m passionate about inspiring people to re-discover or renew their sense of wonder, find the little mysteries hidden in every day,and, hopefully, get the courage to explore their own unique brand of magic so that they can change the world for the better. Starting with myself.

Lisa McGowan - The All

Lynn Hart

  • Email:

Ottawa artist, Lynn Hart, is a visual/performance artist and poet/writer whose work is in private collections and has been exhibited in galleries. A central theme in her work is the experience of beauty and joy in nature, which Ottawa abounds in with its many waterways. She can be found with her sketch book and camera, skating and cross-country skiing in winter. And in summer, biking the many bike paths and sailing on the beautiful Ottawa River.

Lynn Hart Bio Sketch

Marie-Claude Charland

A métisse artist of Indigenous (Ojibwe and Mohawk), French and Scottish descent, Marie-Claude creates masks, large figurative sculptures, paintings, murals and mixed-media works and installations. She has been known to engage in storytelling/performance and writing/editing in English and French. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts, studies in psychology and art therapy, traditional Indigenous teachings and a rich background as a facilitator, she pursues her artistic practice from her home base in the Ottawa/Outaouais area, and facilitates wellness workshops through group and individual sessions.

Maxime Gauthier-Kwan

With a background in digital transformation, I enjoy the intersection between business, design and technology.

Interests include tinkering on websites, playing video or board games, trail running, practicing sports, producing electronic music, and user experience design.

Mawt Trood

Mom & Pop Storefront Illustrator

Illustrations of  Mom & Pop Storefront of Ottawa/Gatineau that are the heartbeat of a very solid community.


Paige Lee

A recent graduate, Paige Lee has diplomas in both traditional and digital artistic mediums. Moving to Ottawa 2 years previously from Northern Ontario to expand her education, she fell in love with the city and decided to make Ottawa her permanent residence. She is a published illustrator of over 4 books, and has also been known to do commission works, concept art, and some graphic design; mainly focusing on her whimsical and nature inspired subjects. Watercolour and ink drawings are her favourite medium.


Rebecca Cragg

Rebecca Cragg lived seven years in Japan (1998 – 2005) where she worked full time as an English instructor. During evenings, she trained nightly in Chanoyu, Kimono Dressing, Japanese Painting (Suibokuga) and Ikebana.


Russel Bayliss

Design, lettering projects and other tinkering.


Vincent Kember

Vincent is a photographer and teacher who grew up just “up the hill” from Place d’Orleans. After graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Ottawa, he exhibited locally and served as Chair of the Board at Centre de production Daïmôn in Gatineau. He currently shares his passion by teaching the arts to elementary school kids.

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